Stephen M. Hardin

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Stephen Hardin most recently completed a short for the 48 hour film project, called Red Rover(2014).

Stephen has trained with Lora Cunningham of the Albuquerque Actors’ Studio, Chad Brummett of The Scene Shop and Ron Weisberg and Chris Ranney of The Open Actor. He has also been able to attend various training seminars/panels which included Kerry Barden, Jo Edna Boldin, Angelique Midthunder, Elizabeth Gabel, Lorrie Latham, Kathryn Brink, Kiira Arai and Matt Page. Stephen has also attended a webinar with Amy Jo Berman.

Stephen has a B.A. in visual communications and a M.A. in mass communications.

Stephen moved to Albuquerque, NM in January 2013 to work in the film industry. He also teaches public speaking, interpersonal communication and intro to communication at a college in Albuquerque. Stephen has enjoyed his time in Albuquerque and loves to travel when he gets the chance. He also enjoys singing and playing around on his guitar to relax.

Stephen is looking forward to his next big role on a Feature film or Television series.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Stephen Hardin


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